MB Amber Emporium

14 mm Baltic amber round bead bracelet real untreated amber


Luxury amber bracelet from round amber beads.

Pure authentic and untreated amber.
All our products are handmade from natural high quality Baltic Amber.

Length: 19 cm. (7.48 inch.)
Amber beads diameter: 14.0 mm. (0.51 inch.)
Weight: 21 g.
Color: yellow, white, butterscotch.

About our Baltic amber:

Baltic amber is a “fossil resin” produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe more than 44 million years ago. Now that is old! Buy it and you will be wearing millions of years old snapshots of life encased within the beautiful interior of Baltic amber. Were else could you find such a feat! Baltic amber has also been used in folk medicine for thousands of years and is appreciated by those looking for natural beauty.

Please keep in mind each bead is different and the supply of these bracelets is limited so if you like a bracelet do not hesitate since there are no two beads that are exactly the same not to mention two bracelets. Want exclusivity? Well you can not get more exclusive than this.

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